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The Mascots (trailer?)

meanwhile, in Nollywood


by possum

submitted October 5th 2016

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2 years ago
lol @ sodapop you poor sod
2 years ago
Would that be considered whiteface?
2 years ago
the tags never lie
2 years ago
* Vomitcircus tried to take credit for the joke *
2 years ago
So I get decked out in rags and blackface every once and a while and I'm the racist? BULLLLLLLLLLSHIT!
2 years ago
is that Luke Cage ive been hearing such good things about?
2 years ago
That's pretty good show. Can't wait for season 2.
2 years ago
im on episode 7..so far its been one of the best comic book manifestations ive seen
2 years ago
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