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Football season has arrived

this dude gets his fucking chest caved in


by Stephen

submitted September 12th 2006

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what a fucking hit... NICE
12 years ago
12 years ago
12 years ago
fucking nigger thinking this is the jungle, he's gonna run into someone like a rhino .. nigger!
12 years ago
Huh, a black 5th year senior. Why am I not suprised? Don't worry Mr. White Quarterback. Your revenge will be getting a good job when you leave college while he will be back (my best Elvis voice) In the Ghetto - after his 5th year is up.
12 years ago
American Football is a gay sport. It is just Rugby bastardised. Throw away the helmets and the padding and learn the rules and then the teams can really join the rest of the world in a championship league.

Rugby. Learn to spell it American children.
12 years ago
You know if i lived in the UK id be pissed too. Ive played both rugby and football its hard to say one is better than the other. Football hits harder and faster, its an explosive sport. Rugby is more endurance and less contact.
10 years ago
^Throw away the helmets and learn the rules? Thats like telling ice hockey players to throw away the ice skates and ice, get horses and play polo. I guess since your favorite sport is rugby, we must all play it or else we are pussies.
12 years ago
jonnycho, your comments are worthless as everyone knows you are gay.

Tyler Durden, get an education. Ice hockey does not stem from polo. It is a bastardisation of field hockey which was played in europe decades before it was ever played in Canada. btw, Ice hockey was invented by bored English Army officers who missed field hockey whilst posted in Canada during the winter so decided to bastardise field hockey themselves thus denying the yanks the opportunity.
12 years ago
There's no money in it compared to US football. Yeah, let's get rid of the diamond, the mound, and all play cricket. Boring
12 years ago
$nake dumbfuck hockey wasnt invented by white people idiot and hockey was invented from indians in canada
12 years ago
Anyone who says football is pussy obviously never played. The pads are thin and generally useless on the chest and the back, while the stomach and back are completely exposed. Most players also pull out their hip and leg pads (which really don't protect very well anyways) because they slow them down. The only real protection is on the head and the tops of the shoulders, but does anyone ever get tackled there?

No. The pads were specifically designed to make it possible to lower the shoulders and truck somebody. Any football player knows his pads are weapons, not shields. What would hurt more: A 170 lb man hitting you with his soft, fleshy face at 3/4 speed, or a 225 lb man ramming his steel facemask into your solarplexes as hard as he can?

Think about it.
12 years ago
lol im just laughing at $nakes comments... football is 100x better than rugby... not everyone watches gay european sports like cricket... wtf is that sport?? hitting a ball with a stick and running between 2 littler sticks??
12 years ago
well I never played much but rugby is a pretty damn viscious sport as is foot ball

and to those whove never played foot ball, There is a reason its only played once a week on professionally - people need time to recover from injuries.
12 years ago
Honestly if you're going to argue "what is the point of sport x?" then you're quite stupid. You'd then have to argue the point of any sport be it hitting a ball and running between two "sticks" or running over 4 white squares.

In regards to ferociousness in tackling, perhaps it didn't cross the mind of some people that others tend to enjoy football codes for their flow of play rather than watching two men run at each other. If that was all I was interested in, I'd watch a specialised sport like sumo. I wasn't aware that sports were simply rated on the magnitude of impacts between players.

Rugby league/union players don't weigh as much as American football players because rugby players require the sort of athleticism and stamina to run which a size like that would be prohibitive given it's a game of two halves, with no timeouts and only momentary breaks during play. The experiment was already done 10 years ago. American football players, with their immobility and lack of stamina due to size, were not able to land tackles on the more nimble rugby players.

Although I do not enjoy it much, Australian Rules Football contains the sort of high-speed collisions and lack of protection which means there's usually a serious injury every week such as a lascerated kidney (removed) or facial reconstruction. Look up shirtfront for some sickeningly hard hits. People will say the number is on a bigger scale in the NFL but just remember how many players there are playing, how frequently they play and how long the season is.
12 years ago
Whoever made the comment about the 5th year senior is an idiot. The guy is a fifth year senior bc he redshirted his freshman year.
12 years ago
HAHAHA Sure it is. More like he was in jail his feshman year and wasn't eligable.
12 years ago
You just...don't...get...it snake. You think that since we all don't like your sport then were are a bunch of pussies. And since football is a derivative of another sport then it must be bad? Is that it too?
12 years ago
Go Clemson Tigers...
9 years ago
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