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Guy eats a live tarantula. When I found better footage for "Nature vs mankinds environment 2" I saw this on the site as well. Watermarks or not I wanted to share it.


by whunu

submitted October 1st 2016

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did this really need 'sharing' ?
1 year ago
Why don't you fuck off
1 year ago
Really you are being a dick
1 year ago
im hardly being a dick... do I treat you the same way I treat all the other dicks who sub shit that they 'think' should be here
1 year ago
Yeah, well I think you're in a bit of a mood today.
1 year ago
Fries makes a point, downvoting because of what he said
1 year ago
I'm going to go cool off for a minute
1 year ago
I think gulls words are after getting in fries head. If you don't stop being such a pair of gaylords around here, then you will be forever tagged with the fag brush. I personally think it's too little too late.
1 year ago
hahahaha at you 2 fat feltching queers

"youre subs are lame"

"fuck you mean guy"

"well i dont mean youre a piece of shit like all the other members im jealous of on this site,afterall,we fist each other"

"im going too go beat off...err i mean cool off"
1 year ago
big trouble in little mangina
1 year ago
Where on earth do you get that load of crap from billymay
1 year ago
And Kurupt I wouldn't listen to what 'gull' says... he isn't a god
1 year ago
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