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rider wasn't looking while everyone else watching a old lady climb down a mountain


by MetalGear

submitted September 28th 2016

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Good description, now where is the old lady climbing down a mountain?
2 years ago
you thick retarded cum guzzling weed smoking faggot
2 years ago
2 years ago
Hey, Hey now. Leave weed out of this.
2 years ago
I'm far from a faggot, i have had more pussy than you have played video games.You are one of the stupidest cunts here, along with your faggot boyfriend fries. Why don't you ask him if he'll let you in on a threesome with him and whunu.
2 years ago
Speaking of weed. I am logging off now.
* thatdude420 goes to smoke a blunt and watch cartoons. *
2 years ago
bye bye
2 years ago
the only pussy you have come in contact with is a neighbours cat
2 years ago
You really are a stupid cunt. Do you think you are being clever and smug when you come out with this shit. Go take some photos of landscapes, faggot!
2 years ago
sad face
2 years ago
You are a mother fucking, fucking fuck of a potato fucker Kur.
2 years ago
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