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Upper Leg Peeping

Upskirt girls... YUM.


by KaKaFiYaBaLL

submitted September 10th 2006

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Peeping? I thought it said "peeing." There's five minutes I'll never get back...
12 years ago
i'd do them
12 years ago
what was that thing in the beginning that was making them have to squat?
12 years ago
a soda machine
12 years ago
oh. then fake
12 years ago
Women in skirts NEVER bend or squat down like that unless they want someone to see up. In this case, the camera that they knew was there.
12 years ago
they will squat like that to pick up something off the ground or pull out something from very low. but soda machines are not so low that they would need to bend their knees.
12 years ago
If they are ja-poo-nese though, they'll squat everywhere, so it's normal.
12 years ago
I noticed all Japanese Women wear skirts... Geezus, they rreally like showing off their panties.
12 years ago
This is Fake. i think
11 years ago
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