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Papyrus - Gå Glad I Bad

Okay one more

music videos

by Jones

submitted September 15th 2016

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yu bastard
2 years ago
If you think these were bad, you should see the ones that didn't make the cut
2 years ago
no i will not look at those there things
2 years ago
fucking dog - i was having a good sleep, in my car
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
I'll see your 3 Non Blondes and raise you a He-Man;
2 years ago
hey jones..you cant actually understand that gibberish can you?
2 years ago
So can Lobos and Barret.
2 years ago
its a far cry from this gem,thats for sure
2 years ago
True story - I meet the lead singer at a karaoke bar here on a Tuesday. Many laughs were had.
2 years ago
danish sounds somewhat similar to dutch in my guesstimation
2 years ago
i wish i knew someone who could ruffly translate some of these words
2 years ago
There blew a mighty wind that day out 'from the west.
I was a bit lost, for I was going to a party.
I drove on my moped - A Maxi, it was green.
My purse was full of money - I had just 'been paid.
I had a bag of beer on the handlebars.
Yes, oh, as I held on tight - there were many, they were expensive.
I had been down to buy a deodorant
and a condom - if I should get lucky.
I had bought it at a kiosk at the bus station
- And it seemed I really though it was so great
2 years ago
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