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dansk beauty

wtf I h8 denmark nao


by gentrifyme

submitted September 9th 2016

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dansk beauty
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Ukraine was raped by the Mongols in the 13th century
what's your excuse?
2 years ago
nobody fucking cares. this isnt facebook.... tits or hit the fucking bricks
2 years ago
puma cant be bargained with...he cant be reasoned with..he will absolutely not stop...until someone shits in his gay ukrank mouth
2 years ago
2 years ago
she'd get it
2 years ago
Cause she's Asian?
Azn got high IQs, right?
Uh, you mean, she'd have sex with you?
Eh, no.
That would never happen.
2 years ago
There are numerous populations, across the world, that lack an epicanthic fold. However, the epicanthic fold is common in people of many, though not all groups of East Asian and Southeast Asian descent. It is found in significant numbers amongst Native Americans, the Khoisan (Capoids) of Southern Africa, many Central Asians and some people of Scandinavian , Hungarian and Sami origin.
2 years ago
Epicanthic fold, also called epicanthal fold, fold of skin across the inner corner of the eye (canthus). The epicanthic fold produces the eye shape characteristic of persons from central and eastern Asia; it is also seen in some Native American peoples and occasionally in Europeans (e.g., Scandinavians and Poles).
2 years ago
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