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Dood Rolls His Jeep

Good plan trying to drift in one of the least stable vehicles on the face of the planet ;/


by yak

submitted September 9th 2006

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I'm happy.
12 years ago
I like the gay weatherman better.
12 years ago
What a fucking tool. How do you explain that one to your parents?
12 years ago
eh, he got a few kinda alright ones in before he lost it
12 years ago
Is any SUV stable?

12 years ago
Good going !
12 years ago
Justice does exist.
12 years ago
no wonder insurance costs so much, thanks douchebag.
12 years ago
i hope that prick broke his neck, retard....
12 years ago
hahaha... it sounds like a crushed trashcan.. whatta dumbfuck..
12 years ago
It proves one of my point's...some of the folk's who own Suv's are idiots and reckless drivers. All SUV's are unstable, they are top heavy. What I hate is these jackoff's that drive down the highway at ridiculous speeds in these beasts, what I like to do is let me get nice and close behind my vehicle and then slam on the brakes and watch them almost lose control. And get this the same idiot did it again got close behing me again and this time almost causing an accident on M-59 out here in Michigan. They should have gone drifting in a H2....I'd like to see the results of that one....
12 years ago
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