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This is just a RU ♀ w/ enormous mammaries


please, no bully it's only a test


by chingcheng

submitted September 8th 2016

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1 year ago
Did we really need to be subjected to this
1 year ago
I wonder if the users that downvoted this...would actually buy this chick a drink in a bar. lol
1 year ago
1 year ago
I've cimpressed a gigabyte worth of HD .avi footage into a 78 megabyte .webm video.
1 year ago
Shut the fuck up
1 year ago
You said like... 5 times already,
Are you having a meltdown?
1 year ago
^it *.
1 year ago
Get the fuck out of here you fucking retard pedo
1 year ago
Enormous? Uh, I'd say those are more medium-average than anything.
Now THESE are enormous:
1 year ago
Fuck off you inbred Ukrainian frontline whore
1 year ago
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