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Myth Busters - Paper Crossbow

Making a working crossbow out of newspaper.


by yak

submitted September 9th 2006

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Oh shit!!! I'm first!
12 years ago
Adam was at one time wowed by Mr. Whipple. Nuff said.

Except for the extranious phun.
12 years ago
well I love the show but theres two main things that make this unappealing to me 1) you could just as easily throw a rock and achieve a much better effect and 2) this just creates more ways for stupid kids to hurt them selves

...granted they have the patience to actually make one of those...
12 years ago
OK let's ban papers in airplanes NOW !!!!!
12 years ago
lol providing it was a long hall flight lasting several years ^^
12 years ago
^^ That's a pity, that was pretty much all you could do with an in-flight magazine.
12 years ago
i made a bow out of my cock and hit your mother in the face with it
12 years ago
I think the Mythbusters just make up their own myths so that they're easier to solve
12 years ago
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