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Master of Getaways

At least he gave himself up at the end... YAY THE GOOD GUYS WIN!!!


by yak

submitted September 8th 2006

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Eh it was alright. That would never work in a country with a decent police force cause they would just run your getaway car down.

Never ask for a getaway vehicle, and if you do make it a decoy for a better escape. Once you lose all your hostages they will just blow up your car/plane/chopper, and if you don't think so I look forward to seeing your video on MS.
12 years ago
we all of noticed the ugly bitches at the top of this site now when we come here I hope. i WANT TO GET WITH THE HOT BITCH CALLED oceangirl36. keep refreshing to see her. U want regret it.
12 years ago
the cops should just have brought in the sharp shooter after the 2nd time at the prison. fucking mexicans
12 years ago
Stephen i see her, the asian chick yeh shes pretty nice but all those ads are bulshit anyway :(

Oh and that gunman was good lol got away twice and only got caught because he wanted to lol, kinda retarded tho he got the rest of his life in prison ... WHY THE FUCK COME BACK !
12 years ago
no the one im talking about is a fat ass whale bitch in a hula dress
12 years ago
The guy just wouldn't fucking quit. I always love the latin mentality of negotiation, "you want 40 cars so you can all escape prison? Ok we'll see what we can do but you have to promise to do bad stuff."

Sao Paolo is in Brazil but hey everyone south of the US is Mexican right?
12 years ago
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