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Borat - Sexy Time Liquid Explosion

Borat goes and gets interviewed for a job... lol @ his interview...


by yak

submitted September 8th 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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I would like to make romance inside of you.
12 years ago
it's a good thing that camera is on a tripid because no camera-man would be able to hold a straight face during this
12 years ago
his story about helping the company ... pure gold ;/
12 years ago
I love how calmy the old man's listening to him explain how he jerks off camels and goats.
12 years ago
Have I mentioned yet today how fuckin awesome the Borat movie is going to be?

12 years ago
I just hope the movie doesnt spoil him like it did with Ali G
12 years ago
"Sexy time" lol
12 years ago
Funny thing is most yanks don't really get it. I mean everyone has to laugh about this sure, but it's another question if you get what hes doing!
Its not what probably most of you think about how economically and socially backward people from Kazakhstan are...!

I just watched the trailer to the movie and this comment from yak hits the nail on the head:

"borat is just about making people show how ignorant they really are and how they deal with someone who they think is actually believing what they say.... like these people think his customs are so different then theirs are, they basically grin and bare whatever he does :P"

Its actually about the naivity of americans ;-)
12 years ago
Oh really? Give me a fucking break. I don't think anyone with an IQ over 60 thinks that this character is creating a satire about Kazakhstan. Maybe you've never seen the original borat/ali-g character perform in the U.K., but damn, talk about a bunch of idiots. He probably doesn't perform over there anymore because he did it for so many years, and people now recognize him. Funny thing is that most yanks do get it, and that's why Cohen has enjoyed celebrity status since he signed with HBO.
He preys upon stupid people, such as yourself; so yeah, we get it. Go back to your anti-America dope houses in the red-light district, and spew your ignorance, and hopefully he'll do a show in the Netherlands and you little dutchies won't even see it coming. God, you bork-borks are little attention whores just because no mainstream comedy comes from your country.
12 years ago
Yeah...Those of us above the lowest common denominator certainly get it...You would of only found us at that Rodeo to see Borat eviscerate the crowd.

We get it...Don't you sweat that.
12 years ago
And there is nothing wrong with the Coffee houses in the Netherlands...But Borat would not work because most Dutch speak english with the same sort of command that Borat has..

12 years ago
Lmao @ johnny-ringo. Are you fucking kiddn me??? Says someone from a country thats majority believes almost everything their media is telling them. For example before the Irak war more than 75% of americans thought there was a connection between 9/11 and Irak because your media like Fox News etc. propagated the story for weeks. Recently Bush himself (after a bunch of commissions found out before anyway) admitted that there was NO connection at all.

And also lets me add: Its not ONLY about the naivity(In the upcoming movie it surely is) about americans but about the west in general! Of course a little fuckbag like you doesnt get that! Oh, and your racial remarks were very insensitive, I think Im gonna cry now x-D

Here, watch some videos before its bedtime:
12 years ago
Netherlands population, about 16 million; US population, about 300 milllion. I'm sure you'll find some idiots in there somewhere, as well as highly intellectual people, which there is no shortage of in the US. It's easy to pigeon-hole a country when they have such an enormous demographic of people. You want to substantiate your lame argument with a poll? Fuck off. No one ever asked me any poll questions; they're completely inaccurate anyway. How many particitpated in the poll? 300 million? Please, your wasting my time. We live in a great country, so educate yourself, then get over it.
12 years ago
Eh duh i think most people get it, like getting a bar full of people to sing "throw the jew down the well" and he's jewish.
12 years ago
As an extraordinary American, I can assure you that we are absolutley infested with stupid fucking assholes. BUT. It never ceases to tickle me how you fucking Euros pretend to be "in" on his joke, as if you helped him think it up. You dumbasses are why he started doing what he does. You are the joke. He just makes more $$$ here.
12 years ago
Your ignorance that people from another place can't fully appreciate a joke because they instead are supposedly ignorant is deliciously ironic. Try not to fall in the same trap again.

I love the gypsy catcher job.
12 years ago
@J-sin, you're the dumbass! Look what I wrote :"Its not ONLY about the naivity(In the upcoming movie it surely is) about americans but about the west in general!"

Wow, it always amuses me how easy it is to start a lameass debate here. Look, almost all comments are related to my first post.

And I wasnt actually so serious about this shit at first...just thought I could push a view buttons with the "stupid yank" thing...well I guess it worked just fine :-P

Again, when this movie will be watched by millions (mostly) teenagers I think all of them will laugh, but some wont really know why, like in the sense of "haha dude that Borat is such a douche man hahaha", that was my point....

....wtf nevermind, get a life you fucktards and stop beeing so political correct on a site like MS x-D !!!?!!!
12 years ago
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