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Dodge Caliber Commercial - Binky

Cute little Binky gives us his thoughts.


by etm

submitted September 7th 2006

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i dont get it, when it was shown here he says "it made me wet my pants" and yet it still bleeps on this vertion, i would have thought this would be a funny alternative option that wouldnt get past the cutting room floor so how is it still censored

12 years ago
here as in britain

i have a mate called binky he wets his pants regularly
12 years ago
It's censored, because in the US, the FCC doesn't allow the word 'fuck' to be said on day time television.
12 years ago
That's ok, the British didn't even allow "bloody" to be said in television adverts until such prudishness was exposed to the rest of the world.
12 years ago
12 years ago
well that must have been before i was born c_o_t_b, because so long as its after the watershed you can say anything, oh right the adverts yeah i suppose the majority is censored, but in america is it true they dont allow any swearing even in the early hours of the morning?

no the thing i was getting at was this vertion shown in the US? i think you miss understood, as in some companies do alternative endings to their adverts knowing that they are not going to be aproved just for shits and giggles, and thats what i thought this advert was
12 years ago
Not unless you were born a few months ago. "Where the bloody hell are you?" Does that ring any bells?

Was only allowed to be aired when people started laughing at the stereotypical uptight, sexually frustrated Poms. And it still took an old Eric Idle advert (as a precedent) and a promise to only air it in the later part of the evening that finally let it on air.
12 years ago
just like the beer fest commercial,
when the girl got spanked by the paddle, it was censored with a mug of beer. other time, it was just her ass
12 years ago
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