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Eagle snatches osprey from it's nest

Wait for it!



submitted August 5th 2016

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2 years ago
seriously ?
2 years ago
I wouldn't worry fries, when it comes to size the American bald eagle although nice to look at is smaller to the golden eagle but both pale to the Australian Wedge-Tailed which can have a wing span over 3m
2 years ago
ermmm ... what
2 years ago
you nigger's have no glue.
2 years ago
fries, I thought you were going with the usa hate thread
2 years ago
Editing that clip down to about 25 seconds would have been nice
2 years ago
those faggot birds wouldn´t stand a chance against the german "see adler"
2 years ago
The cirrrrrcle of liiiife!
2 years ago
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