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Locker Room Boxing

Getting ready for the hockey match!


by yak

submitted September 5th 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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what's with the pictures huge ugly people at the top.. I vote you get the fake ones back.
12 years ago
Where's the other video of where they start pairing off and fucking each other, while their friends cheer them on.
12 years ago
dunno j-sin this isnt a fuckin gay site so go somewhere else for your kicks..

This is called 'helmets and gloves' fought in most hockey dressing rooms across Canada its a good time.. almost like a little fight club without completely concussing and knocking out your fellow hockey players before/after your hockey games and practices .. although i have seen a few guys get there brain shook.. as well and many gashes and bruises ...fuckin A
12 years ago
GREAT editing skills!! Someone call speilberg.
12 years ago
@j2188.... uh yeah, real neat. Hot sweaty adolecent experimentation in the locker room is right around the corner. GAY.
12 years ago
J-sin your a faggot.. if you relate fighting with guys to anything sexual you are the one who is gay..
12 years ago
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