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dog carriage

mobility problem solved.


by einzzz

submitted July 13th 2016

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Hope he's got a spare dog to get him home...that one's about to seize.
1 year ago
No biggie, when this one dies the family will eat it, then get another.
1 year ago
Ohhh, so he's just tenderizing it.
1 year ago
That's how dik gets to the beer store now, Claude.
1 year ago
Like Dik can see well enough to even find the car...
1 year ago
^See above clip
1 year ago
Nice whip. Is a Mao Tse 2000
1 year ago
The car for freedom, the car for excitement...the car for a man who is alone against the elements.
1 year ago
mako, serious question time again. do you really think that anybody would laugh at that? is that really your idea & level of humour? still curious.
1 year ago
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