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Banned Tigergaming.com TV Ad

I thought this was one funny commercial. It almost makes me want to become a degenerate to play slots/blackjack there ;/


by yak

submitted September 4th 2006

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haha, Betting on the death of a loved one is never a good.

...btw, I bet the Crocodile Hunter won't make it through the night... ah, too late, he's already dead...
12 years ago
i used to work somewhere that did celebrity death betting, you know like The Pope or Pete Doherty etc.

and like Wario says, whoever had Steve Irwin must be rubbing their hands together!
12 years ago
thats so sad about steve
12 years ago
About as sad as when a base jumper goes "SPLAT!" You play the odds long enough, you're going to come up short.

But it's also pretty cool. I'm sure that's sort of how he would have wanted to go. Not everyone dies from a stingray barb through the chest.
12 years ago
That commercial sucked. It's true though, gambling addicts are pretty useless. I have a friend who works at a casino and he tells some pretty pathetic stories. Slot addicts shitting their pants because they don't want to stop to go to the bathroom. People blowing 6 grand in an hour. I wouldn't put it past one of those people to bet on the survival of their own loved ones.
12 years ago
how long do you think before the steve vid gets on here, any bets? ill take three months

steve was a legend and its only fitting we get to see him going out with what he did best
12 years ago
@ Balls. You're right, only pussies die from a stingray barb through the chest.
12 years ago
stingray barb through the heart Tron, Id like to see you survive that ...
12 years ago
@IGoPP http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarcasm
12 years ago
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