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Great Unicycle Tricks

This guy has some pretty slick moves for only having one wheel.


by yak

submitted September 4th 2006

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Far be it from me to deny a man his right to violently land on his crotch for pleasure but I think I'll pass.
11 years ago
11 years ago
thanks for not denying me my rights
11 years ago

that was so fuckin gay!! "street cred" and "extreme sport" and
"keeping it rea"l and "being underground" and "not succumbing to mainstream"
and all such things are fine with me, but unicycling????
there just is no way to let unicycling appear as something cool!
seriously, this guy will never have worries like david belle or tony hawk,
no one will ever say: "you sold out streetstyle-unicycling",
because there´s just no way you could sell something that´s as gay as this!!

11 years ago
Wow.... I used to think your comments were funny ^

Maybe you should take a break from.... watching what other people are doing?
11 years ago
well. atlease it was not a razor scooter
11 years ago
Your parents on welfare? Can only afford one wheel? Shits gay
3 years ago
It's a god given talent.
3 years ago
Being gay that is.
3 years ago
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