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Born mobile

I was expecting a Yak cameo there for a second


by Jones

submitted June 30th 2016

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I'm tornado92.......... no..........anyone.........

lol cringe
1 year ago
they have a height requirement jones
he would throw the optics out of wack
1 year ago
this is like the S5 launch all over again
1 year ago
* possum jeebus-cringes *
1 year ago
Best gig Dennis Quaid has had in years.
1 year ago
this is the keynote speech from poochie-con 2005.

don't be alarmed, they all went back to their home planet
1 year ago
So what do you plan on doing after your money runs out?
1 year ago
What are you going to do for a living
1 year ago
See ya
1 year ago
I will work. as I did before. I have a German and a French high school diploma, I speak 4 languages, I have an internationally recognized education in sales and commerce from the German chamber of commerce, 3 years of experience as a chef and about 10 yrs of university education that's not good for anything.

I know you love thinking I'm a loser, but I'll be just fine.
1 year ago
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