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Slip 'n Slide Launch

This guy gets some decent air!


by yak

submitted September 2nd 2006

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U know what I thinks funny? If he went down feet first he would have face planted prolly. Since he went head first well we see what that did. But kinda lame.
12 years ago
I wonder what he tore in his knee.
12 years ago
didnt notice that the first time...That looks like legament Acl or something with his knee but not a broken bone.. That what i think. Thats worse then a broken bone
12 years ago
nice!! but looked like a groin strain judging by the way he landed! ouchie
12 years ago
I never played on a slip n slide. My older sister scared the shit outta me years ago when during a commercial for one, she calmly turned to me and said "wouldnt it fucked up if somone stuck a thumbtack up through the plastic, and the next kid went sliding stomach first?" Then she acted it out on the carpet, lying down superman style screaming WHEEEE! only to make a horrible slicing and gushing sound. I was scarred forlife, but only now do I realize how awesome she is.
12 years ago
can i have your sisters number... also i agree with red, groin pull
12 years ago
^ I've always thought about a nail (or something) being stuck in a seam in a waterslide.
12 years ago
sounds like you really love your sister
12 years ago
pretty sure it was his right foot. in slow-mo it looks like he twisted the fuck out of it.
12 years ago
Why would you hold your knee for a groin-pull? He probably smacked on whatever they were using for the ramp.
12 years ago
jeez. you guys and your nails and thumbtacks. way to ruin it for everyone else. haha.
12 years ago
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