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Nice Bikini

I can't imagine anyone wearing something like that to a beach tho..


by yak

submitted September 2nd 2006

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Nice. But I like it when that little string in the back is in the front! Collegehumor site I believe it was where I saw that.
11 years ago
"can't imagine anyone wearing something like that to a beach" You have never been to a beach have you?
11 years ago
^^Fo riizzzeal. All I got to say is DAAAAMMMMMNNNNNN
11 years ago
yak come down to South Fla, bitches wear shit like that all the time, even the gross ones.
11 years ago
Yeah, there's nothing extraordinary about that, but she is pretty hot so she would definitely turn some heads. Love Florida (I'm a native).
11 years ago
Gotta love the zoom lens on that ass...! F FL FLA FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP......AND AHHHHH YEA BABY...! "Thanks doll...NOW GET THE FUCK OFF MY BED BITCHA!
11 years ago
if you guys think S florida is crazy you guys need to make a trip to Venezuela!!!

South beach is pretty damn great though
11 years ago
mmm, well, the girl's pretty nice, too. I was expecting the bikini to have little LEDs in it, so it would twinkle and light up.... oh, well...
11 years ago
i was expecting a pub bikini
11 years ago
if by pub you mean pube that's what I was thinking too I thought it would be some stick on roses on a thick patch of pubic hair
11 years ago
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