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Biker Hits a Brick Wall

I don't mean mentally either.


by yak

submitted September 2nd 2006

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That's one lucky S.O.B. Well, other than the running into a brick wall part.
11 years ago
How do you not see a brick wall?
11 years ago
repost i posted it
11 years ago
Yea one more.... Why does your mom give the worst blowjobs, I mean... Im gonna stop paying her if she doesnt improve.
11 years ago
Dude has "Riders-Block"...
11 years ago
No comeback here. You got me Jonnycho. It feels like you put me in the "walls of jericho". Maybe I should be a fan of Y2J too. Then I will have retarded ass comebacks like yours.
11 years ago
He must have blown a rear tire to lose control of the bike.
11 years ago
broken ribs for sure
11 years ago
would that be a grain of rice in water or out, just there is a size difference
11 years ago
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