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National Anthem Butchered

Quite the pitch control this guy has.....


by yak

submitted September 2nd 2006

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I think he sums up America, as the rest of the world views it, quite well. Fat and oblivious to how he is seen.
12 years ago
^ STFU, noob. Everyone loves us.
12 years ago
U know whats sad? The other people basically sang to help him out. He was bad but still give the crown to Carl Lewis. All the players and fans could not hold back laughing and they didnt even try to help Carl out.
12 years ago
Hey, what if he's mentally retarded?

And Quanker1, you obviously don't even know what the fuck you're talking about. One retard butchering the national anthem of his nation isn't entirely representative of that nation as a whole. You simply used this video as a launchpad to get your own single-minded point across. Your only advantage is your name happens to rhyme with "wanker", which most people on MuchoSucko can definitely relate to and since that might get their attention.

Coupland, you're a fucking idiot too; a lot of the world hates the USA and many still love us for whatever reason (certainly not for Bush).
12 years ago
etm, you didn't even read what I wrote. I said he sums up America as the rest of the world sees it. And he does. (And you do too) Even if I was saying what you thought I was saying, he's not one retard, he's got a room full of retards singing along with him.
12 years ago
PS patriotic dick holes can please rot in hell.
12 years ago
This was done in Canada, huh?
12 years ago
At least he remembered the words unlike Michael Bolton.
12 years ago
ok lets get some opinions, everyone who dislikes america raise your hand and tell us where ure from... (raises hand*) Newcastle, England
12 years ago
I like the US. I've been to a few different countries, including London England, and the United Arab Emirates. New York City is the greatest place I've ever been. Anyone who has been there and wants it to be destroyed is simply evil. But patriotic dick holes are the bane of America.
12 years ago
haha. the crowds like "god dammit you're so bad were gonna sing it the right way"
12 years ago
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