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its all weird

likes his banana tho. Maybe punky can translate as he speaks cock


by MetalGear

submitted May 29th 2016

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Muslims love you.
1 year ago
lol, it's puma
1 year ago
He looks different with the extra hair.
1 year ago
What part of the Internet have you been digging around MG?
1 year ago
the deep dark hells of the web
1 year ago
greatjob, shitaly, singapoor

1 year ago
you don't know me, wanker. keep my user name outta your gay filth, fatboy.
1 year ago
also..a photo of your hideous face/fat body...WITH SIGN...would be greatly appreciated, sir.

we'll be waiting..

1 year ago
He's got purdy hair.
1 year ago
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