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Surfer vs. Sharks

A surfer gets attacked by two hungry sharks


by rigi

submitted September 1st 2006

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Iv been surfed for more then 10 years now. Makes me wonder how many sharks have gone under me or with in a 20 yard radius of me...
12 years ago
by the way repost...but a good one
12 years ago
this music makes we want to bust out glow stickes....sike most tecno sucks
12 years ago
if a shark comes towards you... punch it in the nose. IF that doesn't work.. stab it in the eye with your stump.
12 years ago
i would do plan C, huddle in a cloud of my piss n shit until the shark gets sick and leaves
12 years ago
People don't really listen to this kind of music do they? This is the shit that really out of touch people think people listen too. Nobody likes this shit, Not even sharks.
12 years ago
Scary stuff..That's why I don't fuck with the beach..
12 years ago
I've scuba dived for years. I see a shark or 2 now and then. Worst part of diving is surfacing. We're at their mercy as they hunt up, except for hammerheads and leopards. Surfers might as well paint eat-me on themselves making all that commotion on the surface. Surf boy is lucky. he would have been chunky soup.
12 years ago
The sharks weren't hungry, they just hate techno. If they were hungry the guy would be in their bellies!
12 years ago
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