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Shoot out

Cops and a guy they pulled over exchange gunfire


by whunu

submitted May 26th 2016

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This is why the firearm murder rate is so high in the US. It's not necessarily innocent civilians dying.
1 year ago
could be corrupt white cops
1 year ago
Exactly! The jigaboos kill each other also. And the pigs end up killing a percentage of thugs.
I'm all for shit like this, one less shitstain on earth, one less mouth to feed and house in prison.
1 year ago
he got away.. good for him
1 year ago
Actually fries he was shot in that exchange of gunfire along with two cops.
He didn't make it very far and died in the hospital.
1 year ago
oh... shame
1 year ago
I know right?

Da widdle bad bwack meanie dieded. :'(
1 year ago
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