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Buakaw Por. Pramuk Highlight

Go to sleep B!tch


by MTFBJJ4Lyfe

submitted August 31st 2006

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Didn't watch it. I hate that kind of music. ={(
12 years ago
How come they dont show K1 in the states? I might start watching it.
12 years ago
@LooseNut323 you must have a very old pc, most come with a mute option.
12 years ago
music was better then the video....Eminem tore that shit up.. Dude i have evry Eminem album no BS...but never heard this. might be Obi Trice album.
12 years ago
DMX woooohooooo
12 years ago
We talk about his guy alot in the club...hes a badass
Love the foot grab to mat nap!
12 years ago
They do show K1 in the US, My fav is Michael Mc Donald "Black Snipper"
12 years ago
Damn. That dude can box.
12 years ago
his low kicks are phenominal.
as for favorites, Kaoklai Kaennorsing.
fucking bad ass
12 years ago
That cat is fucking ridiculous.
12 years ago
"Didn't watch it. I hate that kind of music. ={("
Who seriouslly gives a FUCK what kind of music you hate, you goddamn fucktard.
12 years ago
^ I don't care if anyone cares. I'm just posting why I didn't watch this video. Fanx.
12 years ago
Those arm tassle things make him look pretty Street Fighter/bad ass/kinda. As well as the way he turns people into blood pudding.
12 years ago
This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...

I want to see a video of someone trying to mug him!!
12 years ago
You are all very lucky that I can't fight like that. Tha world is very lucky. I'd go on a muh fuckin rampage.
12 years ago
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