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Holly Vance Action Scene

Fucking action movies I fucking tell you...... What kind of fucking moron is going to pick something up USING THE GUN while they are holding a girl captive??? So is the whole movie just her inexplicably getting into situations where she is half naked and forced into doing some sort of matrix style kung fu to fight the bad guys off?


by yak

submitted August 30th 2006

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WTF? what movie is this from?
12 years ago
Lol ive never liked these super babes. I mean what the fuck she couldnt stand up to one of them let alone all. Im not sexist but generally when someone outweighs you by alot and has more muscle they will kick your ass.
12 years ago
I take it its a bra ad, reminds me of that Maria Carey video.
12 years ago
Its from "DoA:Dead or Alive" based on the video game series, and directed by Corey Yuen (Transporter)
12 years ago
What this clip was stupid.
12 years ago
Dead or Alive?!?! they making a fucking movie!! problem is i don´t like alot of fantasy action films...they aren´t believable.Like ya right the guy knows how to tie a bra....I mean shit thats a woman´s secert.

ps-i know they are a few misspelling.But please understand its been 5 years since i talked or type in english.
12 years ago
That dude almost looks like Dave Dechovney.

....yeah, I saw Godzilla at the store yesterday, asked him how he was doing...
12 years ago
I saw a preview for this movie about an hour ago on TV. I'd prefer my naivity, before I knew there was gonna be a DOA movie… :(
Looks so cheesy… and I'm not talking about my cinema seat after the inevitable viewing.
12 years ago
so sick of these dumbass charlies angels/ tomb raider flicks. invincible girls beating up burly men with martial arts is not entertaining in the least.
12 years ago
That guy looked like Tim Allen.

Why was she wearing panties under her towel?
12 years ago
Ahh well, I'd rather have what he got than get my balls shot off, that's for sure.
12 years ago
Am I a sexist because I don't think this bitch could kick my ass? I'm pretty sure i could fuck up Uma Thurman too. Seriously, I beat the shit out of my wife all the time. It's not too hard.
12 years ago
HA HA!! J-Sin, leave the wife beatings to us mexicans.
12 years ago
Did Uwe Boll and McG join fucking forces or something? To those who don't know, Uwe Boll is the guy who's buying up movie licences for video games so he can fuck them up the ass, while McG is the music video director that made both angels "movies". Combined, you have THIS atrocity...
12 years ago
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