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Topless Scare Tactics

The old "famers daughter" skit.


by yak

submitted August 30th 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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You know whats better than being a baldwin? NOTHIN!
12 years ago
Pretty sure I'd grab that gun from that old fart and beat the wrinkles out of him.
12 years ago
Hmm that looked real enough but i watched one yesterday were the girl was holding back the laughter, maybe just a few are fake. That was good though

12 years ago
I hate it when that happens.
12 years ago
Ma cheese ma?? WTF!!
12 years ago
"You're not the kind of father in law that I want." lol. The boy had some balls to say that.
12 years ago
Things have sure gone downhill since The Usual Suspects, haven't they?
12 years ago
That was funny! They shoulda shot him in the stomach and then be all like "haha! You're on TV!"
12 years ago

Funny video. I might've just married the girl or at least lied about marrying her so I wouldn't get shot. Face it, she wasn't too bad on the eyes.
12 years ago
You got that right K-Billy...

What were you thinkin? I was thinkin this could be the greatest day of ma life! LMAO! PRiceless
12 years ago
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