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Cooking with Marijuana

Guy cooks with marijuana. I think Id rather smoke it. Just to much work in all that shit.


by Stephen

submitted August 29th 2006

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"Gee I don't feel anything I think I'll immediately eat some more."
12 years ago
nice to finaly have some visual explanation instead of only a recipe.
maybe i'll try it once.
12 years ago
I made a hash coco drink before i went to work one time, cooking butter in a spoon with enough for a joint or two sprinkled into the butter and kept burning the spoon till all the hash liquified then threw it in the hot coco , i was grand till 10 o clock then all of a sudden i was stoned as hell an didnt know what the fuck i was doing or supossed to be doing and my boss was watching , i can tell you i got paranoid as fuck my boss would suss me all along while trying to remember what i was suposed to be doing. Come half ten break i legged it home and never went back. Didnt like the job anyway lol
12 years ago
12 years ago
Looks like a waste of good bud, Im impatient, an hour and a half is too long, i like the instant effect after a couple hits..

fuz, getting high at work is the biggest motherfucking buzz kill ever, I dont recommend it, especially when you have to deal with customers.. and one of them happened to be a cop once, holy shit talk about paranoia.
12 years ago
cooking with bud is awesome and I think brownies are the best thing ever. MMMMM... this makes me soo hungry for some cookies or brownies.

Iamthegreatest, you should try to cook some in some oil, and then add the oil to a brownie mix. It's a different trip than hitting a bong. Its a very different trip indeed.
12 years ago
I need to get some Weed Brownies...
12 years ago
fuck all that cooking, ill just shove nugz into an already made brownie and chase with milk, mmm mm good. plus not a waste of time
12 years ago
The narrator seems to be overdoing it. If it's scripted, which I'm guessing it is, the writer was too overdescriptive. It's like they were going out of their way to let us know how dank it was.

Still informative though.
12 years ago
fuck all that...aint nothin like rollin a fat blunt n smokin that shit....smoking itself is part of the experience of gettin stoned, enjoying the diferent flavors of some grade a bud......man all that weed seems like a waste...sure it'l get u high but its just not the same....
12 years ago
no you thought it was fun that he was searching you, didnt you!?
12 years ago
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