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Bullet spray

Don't know the backdrop. A few young people shot dead.


by whunu

submitted April 7th 2016

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Wake up Punky

* whunu shakes Punkys shoulder *
1 year ago
punkys a scared little bitch
1 year ago
Scooter Wars
1 year ago
they will never scoot the same again
1 year ago
good bit of sand there
1 year ago
building or grit ?
1 year ago
Damn thats a nicd little supply of vehicles and weapons left behind .
1 year ago
And drugs
1 year ago
Good old fashioned crime scene contamination.....
1 year ago
I'm going to guess these people were killed by either Boko Haram or Procol Harum.
1 year ago
Whunu you dumb fuck.

Obviously this backstory (backdrop?) here is that a bunch of Muslim refugees (Muslums?) killed innocent white Christians.

You dumb fuck Whunu.
1 year ago
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