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Nude at the Office


An asian chick doing chores at work buck naked. Sorry, no puke, shit or piss. 18+


by Wario7793

submitted August 28th 2006

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comments (16)
Damn Japs!
12 years ago
she missed a bit
12 years ago
Please don't anyone ever apologize for there not being piss, shit, or puke in a veedeo.
12 years ago
I have some white spray she can wipe off. The others don't seem so interested, was this a gay Jap office?
12 years ago
I don't get it ......
12 years ago
At one time in my life i want to see a shaved japanese pussy. Is there any law against shaving?
12 years ago
WTF is with these people????

Time to nuke 'em again and get them back in line.
12 years ago
Yeah envy, what is it with the Japanese and Bush? Most J porn that I have seen includes thick bush.
12 years ago
Ice9 = Bush whipped faggot.... seriously.. there is NOTHING wrong with this
12 years ago
Uummm, yeah. Suzy, I'm gonna need you work late every day this week. I'm gonna need you to take some dicktation. Great. Oh there's my stapler, I've been looking for that.
12 years ago
i don't get how come NOBODY noticed ??
that's great ... i'd work a day in that office !
12 years ago
Wo0dy:I HATE BUSH.And not the kind between her legs either.

And I still say nuke 'em.

Your pal......
12 years ago
^ You just XOXOXO'd a bunch of fat smelly anonymous internet slobs.
12 years ago
I wish I had something like that at my office..
12 years ago
I know it sounds like they're just being polite and saying hi every time they meet but hi means yes, I know this because the last jap I fucked met me 247 times and that was before we took our clothes off
12 years ago
Are the Japanese adopting Ferengi culture?
12 years ago
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