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German bitch cop

He said the woman had nice tits, cop go's crazy...



submitted August 28th 2006

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what a stupid vid, nothing really happened at all!
still, cue all the mucho kids that see cops as oppressive etc.
12 years ago
Women sound stupid speaking germin in an angry tone. I can't understand a damn thing, and nothing happened at all, therefore it is a pointless video.
12 years ago
What's pointless is you commenting on every fucking video. Who cares what you think Barbara Walters? What's "Germin"? YouAreTheDumbest. Get off this web site.
Do it. Now. Shut down. Do not re-boot.
12 years ago
it´s fake - these are actors trying to be funny - but theu´re not funny at all :)
12 years ago
^yep, and a pretty lame show btw!

and the quality...fuckin HDTV :/
12 years ago
Police brutality, Euro style! They just let a PMSing yell at you for a while. She's just mad that they didn't compliment her tits. I like how even her partner started busting up at her, near the end.
12 years ago
she said her partner never supports her but he did try putting her hat back on, bitch. And why didn't we get to see her tits and be able to judge for ourselves if they were nice or not?
12 years ago
Time of the Month.
12 years ago
They lowered the quality of the vid, the reaction of those guy's is funny, thats why she keeps on going.
12 years ago
What show is that?
I tried to translate it but even I don't understand all she says.

andi (cop): say, what are you doing here?
kid: we watch over the bus station.
heike (cop): _hahaha_
andi: thats a joke right?
heike: that has to be a joke.
andi: listen, we had some complaints about two guy, i would guess thats you, who are harassing people and spit on the ground. will you stop that or what?
guy1: we don't do that.
guy2: *spits on the ground*
heike: i just saw how you spit on the ground!
guy1: (at some womaen across the street) hey bitch, show me your tits!!
heike: thats... thats the moment ...
*red text I can't read because its too blurred*
heike: That was the last straw!!! Can it be true? There is the police standing in front of you and you two beatnik monkeys (thats hard to translate), you little wankers, shit on that woman (thats even harder to translate - she says "kackt" and thats "to shit" but i guess she means "to harass").
Let some oxygen on your shitty brains! Take off your hats when I speak to you!
And stop smiling! And take out your hands when I speak to you! How old are you anyway?
Do you have any respect? Now really!
Don't do anything stupid! Or erlse you get ???? that you can not sit anymore!!!
Really, Andi I get so mad! I have had it with this fucking job!
I won't let me bother as an adult woman by those wannabes!
No, I won't put on this fucking cap! Damn it!
Andi listen to me!
andi: yeah...
heike: support me, damn it! It's true! _hey stupid bitch..._
They were not even fucked yet! Have you two ever been fucked? Probably not, else you would not stand around here and annoy these women.
Man, they make me so mad, those little spackos (???). No ass in the pants.
*andi sends them away*
heike: And they will later pay my retirement pension?
andi: I suppose they have to...
heike: They don't do anything.. Those anti-socials... Don't put your arm around me, damn it!
andi: Will you come along now?
heike: I'm so mad! Just how they look...
12 years ago
yeah, thats pretty fucked up. she should have beat their ass
12 years ago
die Arglist!
12 years ago
German version of Reno911 or something, has to be the stupid hormonal bitch.
12 years ago
Don't all germans when then they are angry and yelling, man or woman, sound like Hitler.
12 years ago
thanks for the translation antispeziesist. :)
12 years ago
1st: the translation is shit! from babelfish?!
2nd: like I said earlier this "show" is shit, they're actors! but there're also real cop shows on german television...that're much more entertaining!
3rd: No, most germans dont sound like HITLER when they're drunk, angry or whatever...why? cuz HITLER was an austrian, he got this "hard R" which most germans like from the north or west or east NOT have!!
4th: I sound probably like HITLER when Im drunk and really angry, cuz Im from Bavaria and we have this "rolling R" like the austrians too ;) !!
12 years ago
her boyfriend talked her into wearing a thong for the first time and it was irritating her a bit, notice how she could'nt stand still for very long?
12 years ago
sounded like she kept saying she wanted a snickers bar
12 years ago
My favourite real german cop show is Kommissar Rex.
12 years ago
How does an Austrian become the leader of Germany?
12 years ago
No, it's true. Drunk German's sound like Hitler.
12 years ago
she must be the mother of that one german kid who smashes up his computer.
12 years ago
hotshot, the "angry german kid" is fake you fucking dumb amis!

12 years ago
is that what that translated to?! i thought she was hitting on em
12 years ago
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