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The great Canadian escape *FIXED*

I removed the the last 28 seconds which had a little something extra.


by whunu

submitted March 18th 2016

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You should "remove" yourself from this site.
2 years ago
And by remove, I mean blow those fatty deposits you call a brain all over your wall with your pistol.
2 years ago
Or just sleep in his back
2 years ago
2 years ago

2 years ago
technically not a full repost
2 years ago
shut the fuck up
2 years ago
guess you found another version of the video huh? or you really did edit it, which i still doubt. either way

dance, monkey, dance.
2 years ago
This is mucho.No matter what is posted it's never going to be good enough
2 years ago
i hate your stupid face
2 years ago
also pepsi sux
2 years ago
* Barret rolls away covered in codoil *
2 years ago
INB4 - "it's not a repost"

Sure it is. You purposely edited out the last 28 seconds for no good reason and you (douche-nu) posted both videos. If it were someone else, THEN it could potentially have a case for not being a complete repost. However, this is not that case.

Also, Fuck you, whunu.
2 years ago
Not a repost.

1)The great Canadian escape
2)The great Canadian escape *FIXED*
2 years ago
Dance monkey, dance!
2 years ago
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