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Flying Tube + Boat = Pain

A good way to get involved in a lawsuit


by Mad_Bash

submitted August 27th 2006

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I think they recalled those kite-rafts now... I remember hearing that at least a few people died from them over this summer near my house.
12 years ago
Repost???or was it something that looked ahella alike.Looks kinda fun to be...except the falling part.
12 years ago
lol i thought it was an accident that it took off at first, then i realised it was meant to fly that has to be one of the stupidest inventions ever... makes me want to try it even more
12 years ago
That looks like a blast.
12 years ago
"ahella alike" <= wtf? .. I'd do it.. even the falling looks fun, depending on how "high" you are ;)
12 years ago
Slam Dunk.
12 years ago
ouch. I once punctured my eardrum because me and my buddy were riding on one of those tubes.

The tube flipped, and the guy slammed right into my face. The sheer pressure of water ruptured my eardrum. It fucking hurt.

But thats not the best part. You know how you can use alcohol drops to get all the water from your ears? Well, I used some when i got back on the boat and that shit went straight into my head. It was the worst and most interestingly terrible pain I have ever felt in my life.
12 years ago
^^^ brain damage. explains alot.
12 years ago
^^^ actually it gave me special powers. Kind of like getting struck by lightning or taking a bath in radioactive shit. I would tell you, but you seem like a rude guy so no.
12 years ago
^^^ it's rude to tell people they are rude. However, it's not rude to tell people they are rude when they so rudely inform you of your own initial rudeness or rude-ishness. Your mystical powers don't frighten me sir, thusly, I now demand satisfaction. Pistols at dawn. Wioneo shall be my second. TO THE DEATH!!! ( but I hope your ear is better.)
12 years ago
That last fall looks like it was close to 30 feet!
12 years ago
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