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Lovers spat


Pissed off man drags his naked girlfriend through a doorway


by Squidley

submitted March 8th 2016

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Does the ync give you a blowjob every time you post one of their videos on here?
1 year ago
He prefers to give more than receive.

Blowjobs, that is. He gives lots of blowjobs.

Like LOOOTTTTTTTSSSSSS of blowjobs. Pretty sure he gets payed in come. The videos are more like a gift... kinda like cab fair.
1 year ago
1 year ago
also, *fare

I are dumb today.
1 year ago
inb4 - you're dumb everyday. Or should I say 'your,' as I'm certain that's how the dumb-asses around here would spell it.
1 year ago
1 year ago
Sounds like the woman is having to help convince the man that what the guy on the video is doing is wrong.
He finally says yeah when she points out that the female is being drug by the hair.

Cause that shit normal where he comes from
1 year ago
Sounds like Whunu can't keep up.
1 year ago
the fuck did i just read?
1 year ago
Screw punctuation.My point was made and understood.

Figured you must be JUST THAT DUMB
1 year ago
No, no, no and no.

3 sentences. 4 statements. 0 sense.
1 year ago
"Making Ninja Turtles toys..." now that's funny, bird.
1 year ago
No ray rice tag?
1 year ago
Lay Lice
1 year ago
its just rollplay
1 year ago
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