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Scooter in Traffic

Child on a scooter driving though traffic like a boss


by DangerousDug

submitted February 20th 2016

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I would seriously get out of the car and smack that bitch.
1 year ago
Driver has pretty good reflexes. Most people around here would've kept right on going.
1 year ago
True...same around here.
1 year ago
Idk how people can shoot heroin and still think that they can drive.
1 year ago
* JamesTKirk slaps arm veins *

1 year ago
nice one dug
1 year ago
See this is what happens when you tell your kids they're special
1 year ago
I'm sure you're special to someone.
1 year ago
good break on the child but should have run the mum over for good measure
1 year ago
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