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Is bush an idiot ?

There's rumors on the internets..........



submitted August 26th 2006

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How hard is it to say 'underestimate'? I personally think hes a genius. You know its unpatriotic to question your government.
12 years ago
OMFG i think he is a dumb fucking ass!!!
12 years ago
lol i think curiosity was the word the presenter was after at the end

can you tell me which is the more liberal of the two with democrats and republicans? i dont follow american politics that much as i should, only when it conflicts with british policy,
12 years ago
I think republicans = conservatives, and democrats = liberals
12 years ago
thanks :)
12 years ago
^ In theory.
12 years ago
Democratic Sex Scandal: Man is caught in hotel room with 12 hookers, an ounce of killer weed, and a midget dressed like a cowboy riding on a donkey.

Republican Sex Scandal: Man is caught in hotel room with 12 year old boy, an ounce of cocaine, and a midget dressed like Jesus sucking off a donkey.
12 years ago
I feel bad for the president. It's gotta be hard for him. Even if he is a dumb shit.
12 years ago
lmfao, nice one MBI !
12 years ago
It's in the country's best interest to question and destroy weak leaders for the country to be strong.

If you don't like it you should go join the light side of the force and have fun getting raped by the rest of us.
12 years ago
Fuck that was long...

Nothing like going out on danming the quote, unquote, liberal media to get your points taken serriously.
12 years ago
Bush sucks, period.
12 years ago
the funny part is, at the end, the host makes a blunder which causes him to look unintelligent. how ironic after claiming bush's lackluster public speaking skills are a sign of idiocy.
12 years ago
12 years ago
Not that i want a video with bush in highrated.
but who the fuck rated it a 1 ?
He's clearly retarted and incompitent to run America, series of bad things happened after he got elected.
America is broke and depleted, he shits on the american dream, he is a member of a cult that worships skulls and shit aint that incredibly emoo ?
Fuck him and fuck you if you like him.
If i had the chance i would throw a glas of my own piss right in his fucking eyes..... and many other bad things.
bah what a boozebag douche.
12 years ago
Retarded to
12 years ago
lol! This makes me laugh! You fools! This man got better grades than John Kerry did. So what if the guy chokes up his speeches. Gets words mixed up. A lot of people have that problem. I guess if he sounded more like slick willy then everything would be al right. Or better yet, like John Kerry. Who just says a whole bunch of nothing.

And Kjell, bush inherented a whole lot of problems from the Clinton era. Not only is the economy booming at the moment, and unenployment is low, he pulled it off after 9/11 happened and the war we are in with the frontlines of Iraq and Afganistain.

But whatever.
12 years ago
Nah he's not an idiot. My theory is that he made a deal with the devil to be president and e3verytime he accidentally does a good thing, satan eats like 2 ounces of his brain with some fava beans and a nice chianti. Hence the dumbfuckery.
12 years ago
so you want him to be president a 3th time ? :)
12 years ago
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