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Care for some Eye Jewellery?

An ocular institute in the netherlands has created jewellery for your eyes. a heart or half moon shaped piece of platinum that gets inserted in the eyes conjunctiva just next to your iris... I think I'll pass


by Caichee

submitted August 25th 2006

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This is great! I'm gonna start performing these procedures immediatley. I mean, hey, the video showed use everything we need to know, right?
12 years ago
For the fuck-up who already has everything else.
12 years ago
What the fuck was that
12 years ago
that vid sold it for me!! looked like a right fucking mess at the end, with the heart upsidedown!
12 years ago
^ That the fuck was the most stupid thing i have ever seen, you get a piercing and it goes bad then you can take it out, this goes wrong you lose an eye pretty quick. WTF is wrong with people? That was probably a good looking girl, who rarely gets looked in the eyes anyway cos she has a great rack! Or perhaps she is sick of blokes looking at her that way and whats divert their attention. Well it wont work with me.
12 years ago
Shit, that person is going to get a fucked up infection..
12 years ago
Naw buddha shes probly a ugly wench who needs dudes to stare at anything other then her features so she feels the need to pretty her self up anyway she can, plus shes a retard that doesnt realize this is the dumbest procedure ever next to a titie reduction...
12 years ago
Alright, why in the fuck would you do this? Why do people do this?
12 years ago
how much is a plane trip to the netherlands from newcastle airport?
12 years ago
For the nigger who has every other type of bling known to man, now you finna raise up and get your bling on in yer eye ball. Do us a favor, exterminate that fucking race already.
12 years ago
5 years ago
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