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Jrob and Barret's reaction to coming back to Mucho

jrob and barret both have buttholes this cat has a butt hole, coincidence? I think not!


by Sinaitis

submitted February 9th 2016

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the gecko was a nice touch
2 years ago
Gay and not..I say NOT! Mucho worthy
2 years ago
Yeah. If only it was a car in a river, a fake YouTube video or a kid putting cups into cups. I love your self unaware double standards, they encapsulate perfectly how unbelievably stupid you are.
2 years ago
cup stacking was quite cool though
2 years ago
yes. it was. in 2008.
2 years ago
2 years ago
You know what they say aboot curiosity?
2 years ago
yak is a fegit
2 years ago
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