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Star Wars in 60 seconds

I'm a Star Wars fan, but I think these guys need to take their meds...


by Wario7793

submitted August 24th 2006

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Second...Woo! Give me my fucking prize...
12 years ago
Is there no one with even half a brain who posts here anymore?
12 years ago

12 years ago
woooo ! i'm seventh!!! woooooo !
12 years ago
^^ Asking a question like that shows you've forgotten where you are right now.

12 years ago
that was the gayest thing........ever
12 years ago
that was very lame...

..ehem 8th
12 years ago
I fucking hate all of you.
12 years ago
I never was a star wars fan, and this clip has ruined all hope of me ever becoming interested.
12 years ago
seemed like they put some effort into it,

that was totally awesome, that has to be the best short film ever conseived, im going to resite the whole thing until i become totally insane and murder suicide the lot of them after proclaiming my love for them all stating "i want to make love to you all for eternity once we return back to the force"
12 years ago
I am #12...

that was interesting wario, but hmm...
12 years ago
You could consider me as a huge SW fan, but I think they did a good job. They really did sum up the key points of the 6 SW films, very humorously...

And to those of you who HAVEN'T WATCHED A SW film in your life, I laugh at you. Not watching one of the greatest Sci-Fi flicks of all time is just ridicoulous... You outta be ashamed of yourself really... And it's not just that, 4-6 were great movies, 1+2 I'll leave out, but 3 was were it really kicked ass, per say... I dont give a fuck about what you say about sw, it just so happens that the films really get to you...
12 years ago
^I'd fuck Natalie Portman too. I'm #14. Awwww...everybody wins:)
12 years ago
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