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Sheer Heart Attack

so tomorrow i am apparently buying: 1 - an idiot-proof VHS to DVD converter...2 - an app to convert said vids to something uploadable ...3 - another $60 eighth of an oz should be interesting at least

music videos

by possum

submitted January 23rd 2016

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now youre just going for the easy UV from BMH arent ya?
2 years ago
are you sucking possum penis
2 years ago
sucking penis is the only way he knows how to be accepted
2 years ago
so sad
2 years ago
fact:keep yourself alive =best queen song bar none
2 years ago
you admire Freddy 'cos of the way he puts his lips to a microphone
2 years ago
oh you taking time from you regular routine of incessant bickering with stevie and loslobos?
what a fuckin loser you are
2 years ago
As if a hick's opinion counts for anything, anywhere.
2 years ago

keep yourself alive
father to son
modern times rock and roll
now i'm here
march of the black queen
brighton rock
ogre battle
tenement funster
the loser in the end
the prophets song
flick of the wrist
doing all right
stone cold crazy
hammer to fall
someday one day

2 years ago
It's Late
We Are the Champions
Stone Cold Crazy
Fat Bottom Girls
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
2 years ago
though its been beat into the ground..
Bohemian Rhapsody is a masterwork
2 years ago
i've been looking for freedom
crazy for you
do the limbo dance
hooked on a feeling
wir zwei allein
true survivor
2 years ago
2 years ago
hooked on a feeling was cool though
2 years ago
Feels like a re-poss
2 years ago
VHS to DVD ? does this mean we are on the verge of a shitstorm of possums video collection ?
2 years ago
Now that's a double-edged sword...
2 years ago
meh - i thought better of it for now
first order of beeswax is to get smore dope
(happens at 1PM CST tomorrow at my place of employment)

* possum grins *
2 years ago
recover password
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