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Special effects horse from police academy 7

The sound of a horse fapping


by Macheesemo

submitted January 20th 2016

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what about the other sound effects
3 years ago
Unfortunatly for him, that was the only one he could do.

He was what you would call

* Macheesemo puts on sunglasses *

A one trick pony

3 years ago
^I don't know how you do it.
3 years ago
Badly. He does it badly.
3 years ago
Bird, bird, bird... here, I took the liberty of filling out on your behalf.

2 years ago
now i'm sad i missed this. all that effort...
2 years ago
Pretty accurate tho.
2 years ago
Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
3 years ago
Dem tingly gums
2 years ago
the only good thing with coke is to rub it into your dick before sex to extend duration and sensation. Then it's kind of cool the girl/boy whatever u fucking get juiced up on coke from your dick.
2 years ago
Food was caught,couldn't get to it
3 years ago
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