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Grandma forgot who won the war

That awkward moment when grandma toasts hitler. Prost "Heil Hitler"


by whunu

submitted January 16th 2016

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Die Ubermensch.
3 years ago
to good health is a bit to late now
3 years ago
This is actually an amazing point of history. I mean, how often do you hear germans heil hitler in their true sense? Granted she's delusional, but she's doing it because it's so hard ingrained in her.
3 years ago
I had a history teacher who dated a german girl who was in germany during the war. He asked her, "you must have known, you must have smelled it" and she said "we smelled it, but we didn't want to know."
3 years ago
3 years ago
Well that's rude.
3 years ago
I just spilled water all over myself. I'm too drunk for this.
3 years ago
I already walked liike 7 miles for my booze...in the snow....just to be right. Then this. And box doesn't even like me....
3 years ago
chin up zeek! bye.................
3 years ago
chin up homie
3 years ago
i had a german-born german-language prof in college named Werner Kistler...couple of tidbits:
- dude tried to get me thrown out of his class two weeks after my Dad died, cause i had missed a lot of class, and was "just using my dad's death" to be a slacker
-dude threw a desk across the room once...desk was inhabited at the time by a semi-cute stoner chick who had the audacity to fall asleep in Herr Kistler's class...


Germans Suck

3 years ago
what about brits toasting for the queen for instance? thats even worse and the tards still do it today
3 years ago
She's only saying what everyone else is thinking
3 years ago
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