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I mean, it looks real enough.... But after hearing the guy.. who gives a shit right?


by yak

submitted August 22nd 2006

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Watching this makes me wanna kill everyone wearing a white t-shirt.
12 years ago
^Lol awwww you were first to post.....
12 years ago
I kinda thought it was someone pogo jumping on a tightwire. Now THAT I'd pay to see!
12 years ago
lol @ that guys voice.
12 years ago
Holy SHIT!!!!!! 6 feet, 1 inch!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Fucking Way!!!!!! WHAT UP BIATCH! WHAAAAAAAAAT UUUUUUUUUUP!!!
12 years ago
wow 6 feet while jumping on a giant spring. thats a real feat. it would be much better if the pogo was sticking out of his asshole and he went 6 feet.
12 years ago
Looks like Bubbles lost some weight and is using one of Ricky's stolen camera's
12 years ago

*runs to camera....very gay-ly....*SHIX FEET RIYUT THEYA" *runs away*
12 years ago
These guys sure don't know their audience. They need to post the vids of him *missing* the jump -- we could give a flying fuck about seeing him land it.
12 years ago
Uhm... I don't get it... He makes a perfect jump, and ...? Did they cut out the part where he smacks his head into a sidewalk, because that's the part they need to post, not an excited pogo stick fan saying "Six feet right there!"
12 years ago
Check out my pogo posse nigga!! what!! I got six feet bitch , what you got? Bring it!! Bring the pogo pain nigga!!!
12 years ago
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