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Last seconds are Hell on earth

Man tries to scream and breath while he's halfway decapitated


by whunu

submitted January 5th 2016

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only 2 of your tags are correct....
3 years ago
Beheading vids just don't do it for me anymore
3 years ago
gets old, yes?
3 years ago
yeah they should spice these videos up with some claymation
3 years ago
it's why i dont sub gore...
an epic booger or zit or boil is always fun to watch...gore is so bangedup.com

speaking of gore though - anybody besides me ever play the "Gorgar" pinball?
...was fun
3 years ago
holy shit youre old, that table looks like it's from the 70s...

all my favourite pinball tables are early to mid 90s.
3 years ago
* possum sez fuck you and plays air-EightBallDelux *
3 years ago
Pin bot was the best
3 years ago
no such thing
3 years ago
Look it up marsupial
3 years ago
star trek tng and medievil madness were the best pinball tables ever...

i actually looked into buying a madness, fully refurbished it costs about as much as a new volkswagen. pinball collectors are insane.
3 years ago
sounds like the whistle stop on "runnin with the devil"
3 years ago
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