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Darren Flies over the Cuckoo's Nest

"i saw a man who was choking there i guess he couldnt breathe" lol

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by possum

submitted January 5th 2016

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you still feel the need to put "stoned" in the tags after all these years?
3 years ago
3 years ago
first heard this song in 1970 when i was seven....
i blame yorick
3 years ago
fun fact-
billy's older bros had AC on 8 track..in addition to many other now "classic rock" acts of the genre..
Used to think Alice Cooper and ELP were the same dude/s
3 years ago
wait wat - AC and ELP same dudes?

owh god

3 years ago
"welcome back my friends to the show that never ends,we're so glad you could attend,step inside,step inside"
whilst looking at the cover of welcome to my nightmare inked the deal in my young,stupit head
3 years ago
jeebus billy...73 or 74 yes?

poor kid
3 years ago
it was probably '75 or 76
3 years ago
even worse
3 years ago
i put on karn evil 1st impression part 1 to get into the prog rock mood
3 years ago
it appears to me they "borrowed" a bit from hocus pocus
3 years ago
do NOT get me started billy
3 years ago
thought you were calling it a night?
3 years ago
i turned out just fine
3 years ago
ah, Juicy Fruit
3 years ago
What! You can talk?
3 years ago
Def on my top ten movie lit.
3 years ago
the other 9?
3 years ago
Benji the hunted
Oliver and company
Star trek VII
Look who's talking too
mac and me
the wizard
rocky V

3 years ago
Just a guess
3 years ago
Homeward Bound
The Fisher King
...wait, those are my favies...:(

carrion nix
3 years ago
Land before time
Summer school

3 years ago
nix you forgot

cool world
flight of the navigator
last starfighter
enemy mine
bridges of madison county

and that ralph bakshi one with the elvis dog
3 years ago
Fritz The Cat?
3 years ago
Thats so possum. .. and I like it.. da da da da da da da.. and I like it .. love it.. yes I do.
3 years ago
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