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Flower Power Happy Dance

looks like a festival of love where everyone gets a flower


by MetalGear

submitted January 3rd 2016

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this is why I wont ever be going to Glastonbury
3 years ago
rolling around in the mud sounds sooo great
3 years ago
they wouldn't let either one f you in at glasto
3 years ago
yeah and ive seen the kind of fruits they do let in
3 years ago
people that actually have lives go out and do shit you mean?

yes, such fruitiness.....

your bitter old idiot routine gets more annoying every day.
3 years ago
fuck Glastonbury! not a music person, so why would I go anyhow :/
3 years ago
spending 2 days in wellies and a tent is not my idea of a good weekend
3 years ago
or paying for overpriced warm drinks (should be cold),
shit and overpriced food,
queuing forever to use a shitty, smelly chemical loo,
losing a good pair of willies in thick mud and have to soldier on without them,
get soaked from downpours,
sleep in tents next to noisy bastards,
get sleep at all,
surrounded by stoned people who have no clue,
and all this while listening to shit music

great times :/
3 years ago
lol *wellies, damn auto correct
3 years ago
I doubt that was a mis-spell
3 years ago
He is so high he could give Keith Richards a run for his money.
3 years ago
If I went to Super Cuts, exactly what would I have to say to the woman to get this style of hair cut?
3 years ago
why super cuts? do they do some amazing jobs?
3 years ago
They're the cheapest.
3 years ago
surely you haven't got much left to cut ;)
3 years ago
3 years ago
toolie is getting old now
3 years ago
3 years ago
no fedoras....
3 years ago
you're well beyond stupid at this point...

one of these days you might actually forget hiw to breathe...

at least thats what i'm hoping for
3 years ago
once again great sound
3 years ago
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