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girl wins car on price is right

this is dumbest girl ever to win a car.


by Stephen

submitted August 20th 2006

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I wish Barker would have rammed her face down to his withered anus.
12 years ago
Ahahaaahhaha....OMG....i sures hell hope they broke the mold with that one...i woulda shot myself by now had i had to deal with her....
12 years ago
I thought he was either going to tell her the answer out of frustration or knock her out Happy Gilmore style. His reaction and what he was saying off mic was hilarious. Now she's a menace to everyone else on the road.
12 years ago
Haha, i saw this shit... What a fucking stupid ass girl.

Bob's reaction was hilarious nontheless... I like how they dubbed him in the end.
12 years ago
Luggage Holder: $580
Car: $21390
Bob's reaction at the end of all this nonsense: Priceless!
12 years ago
This would be a good video if your title didn't give away the ending.
12 years ago
I bet he wanted to conclude with a "The Price is Wrong, bitch!!"
12 years ago
Anyone good at lip-reading know what he said? Looked like "I can't believe that" and whatnot.
12 years ago
lol bob sure have patience... i would of slapped the bitch
12 years ago
When the doctor recently told her she was pregnant, she asked "Is it mine?"
12 years ago
Clearly riding on her sex appeal more than her brains. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
12 years ago
loool very nice!
12 years ago
whats with the toaster ? are they a prized item in an american household ?. toasters are only £8 in my local supermarket........
12 years ago
That fuckin' bitch better trade that car for a short bus, get on it, and continue being a window licker.
12 years ago
12 years ago
haha.. she's got a nice ass and a new car with luggage and a fucking toaster..

she doesn't need a membership to Mensa..
12 years ago
This was by far the most intelligent mexican woman Ive ever seen.
12 years ago
80 dollars for a fucking toaster?
6 years ago
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