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girl farts during her routine

we got us a farter


by Stephen

submitted August 20th 2006

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vulgar whore needs to be slapped.
12 years ago
Yet another reality based show, another black chick, another "accidental' bowel situation.

I like how the two white chicks in the background smile politely while the to black chicks fall over laughing at it.
12 years ago
ROFL, i think it was worth the wait to see that. all is forgiven yak.
12 years ago
thats really funny... idk why it is if everyone farts but... yeah ^_^ farting sounds funny
12 years ago
Breathe in.... let it out!
12 years ago
u know those white girls have ripped some in their time just by the looks on their faces. its not that they dont want to laugh its just that they think that it was a weak fart thus not deserving of they're approval.
12 years ago
It wasn't a fart it was a queef. All that rolling around trapped a lot of air in her cavernous vagina.
12 years ago
12 years ago
her poon sucks air..
12 years ago
in with the good air .....out with the bad.
12 years ago
Man you could hear them lips slapping together. I bet her snapper looks like the predetor when he took his mask off :)LOL
12 years ago
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